Beekman Energy Audit

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Beekman Energy Audit

Beekman energy audit is a way that a homeowners in Dutchess County can get a better understanding of how their homes work and if energy is wasted. The audit is designed to bring attention to some of the poor construction practices they were used back in the day. Our target homes are the ones they were built before 1980 due to the fact that they were poorly designed and built. Our goal is to bring attention to some of these issues and show homeowners that they can be resolved with a small investment. If this is interesting to you give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

American Hybrid Homes is a company on a mission to redefine what green energy means and stands for. We believe that every home can be turned into a hybrid home that is using much less energy for heating and cooling. Just as it is important to create energy in terms of solar and geothermal it is equally important to make sure that that energy is not wasted due to the poor home conditions. We believe that we can save homeowners 20% or more on their heating and cooling bills just by fixing what they already might have. We are the fastest-growing weatherization company that cares about the environment and community.

Beekman energy audit is the way that our certified professionals can visually and physically show the homeowners in Dutchess County some of the issues that might be at hand. With our equipment and our knowledge of how a home works we are able to look at your house as a whole. What the audit does is help us see if your pressure and thermal boundaries are existent or broken. We want to make sure that there are no penetrations that cause air to leak out of your house uncontrollably. We also want to make sure that you have adequate insulation all throughout your house.

The way that an energy audit is performed his first by taking a visual inspection of the home by walking around looking for imperfections. We want to make sure that you have siding where it needs to be and that your foundation is not cracked in certain areas. Next we move to the inside of the house and use our blower door test to help us locate areas where air might be leaking out. The blower door test will let us see if you will are heating more air then you need to in order to stay and live comfortable inside your home. Most of the homeowners heat 2 to 3 times more air than they need to which equals hundreds of dollars of overpaying in heating and cooling every single month.

Beekman energy audit is one of the best ways that a homeowner in Dutchess County can start to take proactive measures to reducing their environmental footprint and their month-to-month expenses on heating and cooling. Having our services done to their home will affect them in many ways such as reducing drafty windows, drafty basements, and increasing comfort of living throughout the house. Another way that having a weatherization service done to her house will benefit you in the long run is that it will eliminate ice damming if present. Our goal is to make sure that you are spending money on seating areas that you actually live in. If you feel that you fall into some of these categories we advise you to give us a call (888) 280-7275 to schedule your free home energy audit.

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