Blown In Insulation

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Blown In Insulation

Blown in insulation is still one of the most effective ways that homeowners in Dutchess County increase their level of insulation. This is not an easy do-it-yourself project because you do need some machinery in order to place it. My suggestion would be to call a professional expert such as American Hybrid Homes to help you with your installation project. But that is not the only way that you can go about it, you can go to Home Depot or any other hardware store that would be willing to rent a hopper that could serve you in your project. Give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and maybe we can rent to our equipment.

The reason that blown insulation is still very popular this due to the fact that you can get a very uniform cover over your attic floor. Due to the fine particles that are being blown out of the hose and gently falling to the ground they are able to intermingle and fall into place where insulation was not before. It is also much easier to cover holes that you could not reach an to place fiberglass properly. We choose to use it because of our choice of material. Our material of choice is cellulose insulation, which fits perfectly with our environmentally concerned mission to redefine green energy and help preserve the environment.

Blown in insulation is what we have used throughout the Duchess and Putnam County to help homeowners increase their attic R-Value. The shipment usually comes on big pallets and typically anywhere between 70 to 90 bags that weight 30 pounds each. The job will take two laborers one in the attic placing insulation and the other by the hopper constantly feeding it. When the installation is thrown into the hopper the blades are then able to chop it into small pieces and what the forced air blower delivered to the attic. This allows all of the particles to separate and be delivered to the desired location were there is a lack of insulation to begin with.

Most of this work starts with us performing a home energy audit where our professional auditors will assess your house to see what work can be done to make it hybrid. We take a look at your house as a whole to see what might be causing some of the issues that you have and that are wasting you the most money. We start with the most cost effective fixes that we can find, such as your attic. Due to the fact that heat raises most of the energy that is lost, it is lost through your attic floor. Our focus is to make sure that we have a clear thermal and pressure boundary that would hold the air that you pay to heat and cool inside your home.

Blown in insulation is still our main way of insulating homes and doctors in Putnam County for years to come. We believe in helping the environment in any way that we can for that reason we choose to go with cellulose insulation that is both environmentally friendly and has a high thermal resistance value. I encourage you to check your insulation levels in your attic and think when was the last time that you have updated or check to see if your attic is properly insulated. Having the right levels of insulation in your attic to help you reduce your energy bills anywhere from 10 to 50%. Give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and let us help you to turn your home into an American Hybrid Homes.

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