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There are many different test installations that are available in the market and there are many different ways that they can be installed. Cellulose insulation Dutchess County is recycled material that is used to insulate your home and Dutchess County. The main way that our company installs cellulose is in the loose filled form. The benefits of this type of insulation are not just its high thermal resistance value but also its fire resistance. Call us at (888) 280-7275 if you would like to find out how just by installing cellulose insulation you are 67% more likely to survive the fire then you would with fiberglass.

American Hybrid Homes is a company that keeps one thing in mind; redefine green energy. We believe that green energy should not just be creation of energy but it should also be the preservation of energy that you use every day. Using cellulose insulation is one of the best ways to be green. We believe that if we do enough projects you will be able to have a big impact on our community in terms of reducing our costs and our environmental footprint. Everything that we do at American Hybrid Homes we keep that in the back of our mind and let that guide us through our important decisions.

For that reason that is why our company does not look into spray foam insulation. It is harmful to the environment and it is harmful to people that live inside the home. Cellulose insulation Dutchess County insulation is the most environmentally friendly type of insulation that can be installed in the residential home. We install this form of insulation during our weatherization projects, where we work with the homeowner to make their home more comfortable to live in while at the same time reducing their energy bills. A weatherization project is aimed to make sure that the air that you paid to heat in the winter and cool in the summer stays inside your home and does not leak out uncontrollably.

The process is pretty simple. We focus in the attic first, we make sure to air seal all the gaps and holes the might of been there from the electricians and plumbers and as well all the cracks in your top plate. First thing we do is we pull back the insulation that’s already there to find these holes, we are sealed them and replace it insulation that you have if it’s adequate enough. Once a process has been repeated throughout the entire at we place 10 to 15 inches of loose fill cellulose over the top of the existing insulation. At that point we have remediated the two main ways that you are losing energy, in the form of convection and conduction.

Cellulose insulation Dutchess County needs to seek improvements over a wide area. There are too many homes in Dutchess County that do not have adequate insulation and in some cases do not have insulation at all. If your home is not properly insulated or air sealed you are losing money every single month, and in the significant amounts. Our company hires certified professionals to make sure that everything inside your home is working properly and the way it was designed originally. Dial (888) 280-7275 if you have any questions about the process or you would like to schedule a free home energy audit where we assess your home to make sure that everything is working properly or not.

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