Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation

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Cellulose insulation is one of the best way that one can get the biggest level insulation in their attic and in the walls for relatively small amount of money.Not often do the homeowners think about level of insulation that they might have inside their home. But this winter that might have changed. This winter season we had more snow days then usual and with that a lot more fuel had to be used to heat one’s home in order to stay comfortable during the day. Give us a call at a company phone line (888) 280-7275 to schedule our certified professionals to perform a free home energy audit at your house.

American Hybrid Homes has one thing in mind; change the definition of what it means to have green energy. We believe that if a person wants to be green the only solution is not just to buy solar panels at $20,000, but a better solution and more cost effective is to invest into better properly installed insulation. Our goal is to reach out to enough homeowners and do this service where our environmental impact is significant. They are millions of homes in United States, most of which are well under insulated and I wasting energy everyday. If we can reach out and do a fraction of those and reduce their energy bills by an average of 30% intact will be great.

Our company is built with a big picture and mind and very big ambitions. We believe that we can eventually turn homes and 100% energy efficient net zero homes. At the moment we specialize in weatherization programs, which involves improving the installation of your home. Cellulose insulation is the most environmentally friendly solution that is out on the market and that has the best R-value for its cost. Cellulose is primarily composed of recycled newspaper, which means that you are helping the environment by installing this type of insulation inside your walls and ceilings.

The way that we approach every project is similar; we first performed free home energy audits in order to evaluate your home for imperfections and areas of concern. The audit will help us determine if you do have an installation issue inside your house or you may not. We would never take on a project in which we cannot over deliver to the homeowner in terms of reducing their day-to-day energy bills and increasing their comfort of living. We believe that if we can wow the customer they will have no choice but to reciprocate and give us a referral to their friends or family alike. The project itself takes on the average of 2 to 3 days upon which the savings start immediately.

Having a weatherization project done on your house is one of the best investment opportunities that you can cash in on. On average it takes anywhere between 4 to 6 years to get your investment money back and after which everything that you’re sitting on your bills is money positive. At the minimum we suggest you to perform a free home energy audit after which you will be left with a clear picture of what is going on inside your home. You can use that information in the results to perform the work yourself or hire us to get it done in a quick and accurate way. Give us a ring at (888) 280-7275 the schedule your free home energy assessment so we can help you turn your home into a hybrid home.

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