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Dutchess County Energy Audits

If you are a homeowner that is look cut energy bills and save money every single month for as long as the house stands you need to look into weatherization projects. American Hybrid Homes is a green energy company that happened to start out in weatherization program. We have helped people to reduce their bills anywhere from 20 to 50%, which translates into thousands of dollars a year. Call American Hybrid Homes at (888) 280-7275, so you can schedule your free home energy assessments and have our experts evaluate your home. The assessment only takes an hour and half but it’s enough time for us to see if your home is the right home for services.

American Hybrid Homes is a new company that was founded with one goal in mind. Redefine the word green energy. To most people green energy is just different forms technologies that create environmentally friendly power. But to us green energy is not just creation of energy but preservation of the energy that’s already being used in your home. We focus on the house as a whole to make sure that the air did you pay to heat in the winter and cool in the summer does not leak into your attic. We focus on the science behind air movement throughout your home and we can anticipate areas of most concern.

In order to cut energy bills you as a homeowner first need to go to and schedule a free home energy assessment. This will be a great opportunity for you as a homeowner to have the first interaction with our company and see the passion and our eyes. Not every home is suitable for work, some homes are not leaky and do not require services. Because we are a new company our goal is to over deliver and wow the customer. So we want to find a home in which we can really make a difference and save the homeowner thousands of dollars and make them truly happy that way they can share our message and brag about their hybrid home.

The project itself takes two days to complete and the savings start, as soon was finish. The first thing that we do is that we going to your attic and pulled back the old insulation that’s already there. We locate the top plates of the walls and the holes there were drilled by plumbers and electricians and never fixed. We use our spray from gun to close those holes and make sure that air never leaks out of them again. Once we replace the insulation that was there we use our hopper to give you another 15 inches of loose fill cellulose, which will triple your insulation factor.

So if you are a homeowner that is not satisfied with the energy bill statements that you receive every month and want to cut energy bills in half you need to look into our company. We are a new company billed on a principle of over delivering and doing right by the customer. We want to start a green energy revolution and make sure that every home is a hybrid home. So if saving thousand dollars a year is something that you’re interested in please give us a call at (888) 280-7275 or visit us at Our service is not a purchase but it’s a smart investment that will give you return for as long as the home stands.

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