Dutchess County Cellulose Insulation

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Dutchess county cellulose insulation

With many different ways that a homeowner can insulate one’s home it is difficult to decide which one to go with and which one will give you the best results. Dutchess County cellulose insulation is what American Hybrid Homes considers to be the best insulation that a homeowner can use. There are many reasons for choosing cellulose insulation as the insulation for your home. Many contractors will tell you otherwise and will try to upset you their favorite form of insulating your home. Give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and find out why cellulose insulation is the product for you.

American Hybrid Homes was started with one goal in mind, make an impact on the world that a significant and environmentally friendly. For that reason our most favorite insulation is cellulose because it’s made out of recycled material which helps out the environment and has a greater R-value then fiberglass. Cellulose insulation does not burn due to the fact that it is mixed with boron, which makes it fire retardant. Using spray foam is not the best way to insulate your home because it is not environmentally friendly and the insulation is permanent. If you do some research you will arrive at the same conclusion, as did we.

Dutchess County cellulose insulation starts out with our free home energy audit inspection performed on your home. Our experts are highly educated and have experience dealing with many different homes and many different attics. We will be able to show you areas of your home where you need to pay most attention to and fix as a priori. Next will follow a weatherization service, which makes sure that the air that you paid heat and cool stays inside your home and does not week into your attic. We will also want to make sure that you have adequate level of insulation in your attic so you’re not heating it during cold winter months.

The way that we perform this audit is by using our blower door test to depressurize your home and create a vacuum so that the air rushes into your living space. What that will simulate is the reverse effects of what is happening during the cold winter months. You will now see what areas of your home you need to pay close attention to and put at the priority of your to do list. Following the energy audit will be our air sealing crew that will make sure that your heir stays inside your home where it belongs. Once air sealing is done we will place a big coat of cellulose insulation over the top of the existing one to give you optimal protection.

Dutchess County cellulose insulation is the best way to give the homeowner maximum savings and maximum comfort at minimum cost. If you have a pickup truck that was built in 1970 you would not question the poor gas mileage. For the same reason if your home was built in 1970 you should not question why your energy bills are so high no improvements were done. We urge you to be proactive about where you invest your money. Give us a call at (888) 280-7275 if you are ready to start saving money on your energy bills while helping our goal of saving the environment.

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