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There are many old construction homes in our Northeast region of the United States. Many of these homes were not properly insulated during the contraction process and do not protect homeowners properly from the environment. Dutchess County cellulose insulation is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of insulation that will give you the best thermal resistance value. This type of insulation is perfectly suited for the tight spaces that we might have in our home such as crawlspaces dormers and low-pitched attics. Give us a ring at (888) 280-7275 and find out how we can help you to improve your comfort of living while the same time saving you thousands of dollars in heating and cooling bills.

This is the main reason that our company was formed. Our owner believed that if we do enough projects throughout the America we would be able to make a big environmental impact. For instance, if we do work on 10,000 homes it will equal to us removing 3000 homes off the energy consumption grid. Our goal is to redefine green energy, we want to make sure that it means preservation of energy that we’re ready using and paying for everyday as well as creation of energy. Every single thing that we do at our company is with that one goal in mind.

Our big picture goal is to provide solar panels geothermal systems and weatherization projects as part of the American Hybrid Homes skills. But at the moment we are focusing on our weatherization work. Dutchess County cellulose insulation is how we will help homeowners reduce their energy bills by 20 to 40% annually. A weatherization project is simply defined as making sure that the air that you pay to he in the winter and cool in the summer stays inside your home and does not leak uncontrollably into your attic. This is absolutely the best alternative to solar panels if you cannot afford it or do not want to make such a big investment.

The weight of this process works is first by performing a home energy audit that is free and no commitments attached. The main purpose of the audit is to educate the homeowner and show them different areas of the house where they might be inefficient and losing a lot of air in the form of heat. Once the audit is done we will create a work scope of pass that on to our operations team who will complete the project in a timely matter. The project itself takes 2 to 3 days and only two guys. Upon the completion of the project the savings start right away.

Dutchess County cellulose is the best way for the homeowner to turn their home into a hybrid home. Our goal is to over deliver and wow the customer, we would never take a project where we do not believe that we can genuinely saved the homeowner 20% or more of their energy bills. We want to make them so happy that they have no choice but to reciprocate it in the form of a referral. We believe in transparency and honesty when performing audits and we are not afraid to tell you that there is no work to be done. If you are serious about reducing your energy bills and reducing your environmental impact I would suggest you pick up the phone and call us at (888) 280-7275 to schedule your free home energy audit.

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