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The fact is that most of the homes do not have enough insulation. One building new homes contractors install the minimum insulation so that they can save money and sell the house. Some of the homes there were built many years ago do not have any insulation whatsoever.

Is your house Uncomfortable in the winter and summer?

Many times repairing your insulation will help you make your house more comfortable to live in by stabilizing the temperature. In the winter you will not have those cold rooms which never seem to warm up. Does your house have a room that is constantly hot in the summer and no amount of air conditioning will ever cool it? These are some of the signs that you might have poor insulation.

It is hard for the homeowner to have answers all of these questions. At American Hybrid Homes we use test equipment to determine how to fix your home and make it more affordable and comfortable for you to live in. We use a three-step approach on every project.

Step one

We do a detailed home energy assessment of your home in order to find rooms that need the most attention and to build a work scope for our crew. Together with the homeowner we walk through the house looking for areas of most concern.

Step two

Our crew will receive the work scope and execute the project accordingly. They will go into your attic, air seal top plates and any penetrations, build custom recess light covers, build and energy efficient storage platform, and increase your R-Value two minimum of R-50.

Step three

Our representative will return to make sure that the work scope was executed properly and to do a test out energy audit. At this part of our services you will see the difference that we have made. Together with the homeowner we will do the same walk-through is originally and take notice of all changes. On average our homeowners reduced their energy bills from 20 to 40%.


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