Dutchess Insulation

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Dutchess County Energy Audits

It seems that in the Northeast the winters have been getting colder and longer and the summers hotter than ever. Dutchess insulation is not sufficient enough for the homeowners these days. Many homeowners have not done any improvements since they built the house or moved into the home many years ago. The most expensive part of owning home is paying for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer in order to be comfortable while you are home. At this moment I would encourage you to call the experts at American Hybrid Homes at (888)280-7275 and find out more about your home and the various ways that we can help you increase your level of insulation while at the same time increasing your comfort of living.

Many homes in Dutchess County have been built in the 1950s to 1970s. During those years the building department did not have strict installation codes or weatherization codes during the crash auction process. Some contractors used insulation as the first sacrifice in order to save money during construction and increase their revenues. Never taking into account that the homeowners might never go into the attic to check under insulation and see if they will ever need improvement in air sealing. There have been times when during our home energy audit we find that some homes have no insulation in their walls and mediocre close to none insulation in their attic.

If the homeowner allows us to increase Dutchess insulation of their home that could equal savings of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the home. In today’s day homeowners spend anywhere from $3-$5000 and heating and cooling their home annually depending on the size of the house. Not realizing that that cost can be reduced dramatically by doing a small investment into an air sealing project and followed by cellulose project. Our skilled employees go into your attic and pulled back the existing insulation that you have there now to find the small holes and cracks which they can air seal spray foam, after which they replace the installation properly. Once that process has been done throughout the whole attic we follow it with 10 to 15 inches of loose fill cellulose which will bring your home R value anywhere between R-55 and R-60.

American Hybrid Homes has been founded on the goal of reinventing the word green energy. To most of the society green energy deals with the creation part of it, it could be solar panels wind turbines and geothermal systems. While there is nothing wrong with that we want to take it even farther, we believe that it’s not just the creation of energy but also it is the preservation of energy that we use every single day and pay for. We want to focus on insulating your home in such a way that you do not lose any energy but it’s all trapped inside your home and is utilized by you. We believe that if we do enough projects we will be able to influence local building codes where every single home that is built from that point on will be a Hybrid Home.

Dutchess insulation might not be sufficient enough at the moment and causes homeowners to lose thousands of dollars annually. But there is hope in the form of three defining what it means to be green and what it takes to be hybrid. We encourage you to call American Hybrid Homes at (888)280-7275 in schedule a free home energy audit to first evaluate your home and see if you do have issues and figure out what it would take to fix it. Our professionals will be able to create a work plan and a proposal based on the results from the energy assessments and provide you with a very competitive offer. At American Hybrid Homes we believe that choosing our services is not a purchase but it’s smart investment that will pay for itself in a few short years and the savings will last forever.

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