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Dutchess houses are old and need an Audit!

Dutchess houses are old and need an Audit!

Dutchess is only you train stops away from the Mecca of the world that is New York City. Many people have called this county their home for the reason that it is close enough to the city but the same time it is far away where they can enjoy a more quiet life. It is also very notorious for its beautiful architecture and very old residential homes that people live in. Our company gets a lot of phone calls to come out and do our energy audits on those homes. If you are interested in our company, would like to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we’re better than just any other insulation company give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

The reason that we do a lot of work in that County is because there people’s appreciation for the nature and the landscape that is there. Our company takes into consideration the environmental impact that our society leaves behind, and we want to make a big difference in reducing. Our goal is to redefine green energy where it is not only about the creation of energy but more importantly it’s about the preservation of energy that we already use everyday. We believe that we can save a lot of money for the homeowners while the same time increasing the comfort of living and reducing their carbon footprint. We know that the work that we do is important not to just the homeowners but equally to their kids once they grow up.

The work that we do in Dutchess is called weatherization services. Our company focuses on capturing the air that you pay to see in the winter and cool in the summer and making sure that it doesn’t leak out into the attic space or outside uncontrollably. Our company has a unique approach to performing our services, which helps the homeowner be confident in what we do. When we do work we take a whole house approach to make sure that the work that we perform is done in the right sequence that way we maximize savings that we can offer. The project itself takes less than a week and the savings will pay for themselves and less than four years.

What makes our approach unique, and different than any other insulation company that might be out there doing work is our three-step process. First step is to do a complementary home energy assessment where we will be able to see which part of your house needs most work and from there we can build our work scope. The second part is now where our workers take the work scope and implemented in the strategic and expeditious manner. Step three is my favorite one due to the fact that the homeowner is now able to see the difference that we have made on their home. We performed a test out energy audit, which is basically the same audit as originally but now we see that the house is acting differently.

Dutchess homeowners love our three-step approach because it gives them peace of mind and they know that the money that have invested into their home located for itself guaranteed. An American Hybrid Homes we want to make sure that the homeowner is in the loop for everything that we do and that they understand what the house was, and what it is now once we’re done. It is always nice to hear back from our previous projects and learn about the savings that they are seen. If this is something you are interested in getting a call at (888) 280-7275.

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