East Fishkill Energy Audit

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East Fishkill Energy Audit

A great way to determine if you have an efficient home is by having a East Fishkill energy audit performed at your home. This is a great opportunity to learn many things that you might not have known that were happening inside your house and find different ways that we can fix various problems. During the audit we take a look at the house as a whole and make sure that we don’t neglect some areas that may cause you to overpay for heating and cooling. Dutchess County is a great place to live and is very famous for its traditions and historical locations. If you believe that your home yet beautiful but is very inefficient give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and we can assist you further.

American Hybrid Homes is on the mission to give green energy a new meeting and a different way of achieving sustainable living. Our services have an immediate impact on the homeowners but also on the community by reducing our carbon emission. We believe that with the right levels of insulation and appropriate thermal pressure boundaries we can reduce people’s energy bills by 30% or more. For some of the older homes in Dutchess County the insulation was neglected during their construction in the late 20s and 30s. We want to find those homes and help the homeowner to create what we call the hybrid home.

East Fishkill energy audit is simple to explain. We first want to take a look at your pressure and thermal boundaries to make sure that there are no gaps or holes in your system. We walk around your home and do a visual inspection of the house envelope, checking for missing siding or rot on the walls. Once the outside inspection is done we proceed to the inside of your home to finish out our audit. Inside we visually inspect your furnace to make sure that it’s working properly and is not just drafting and causing you and your kids to get sick.

Once all the visual inspections are done we perform a blower door test. All of our technicians have been trained and tested to the biggest standards by Building Performance Institute. Inside your home we close all the windows and doors to pretend that we are in the wintertime mode and are trying to keep that warm air inside your home and not heat the outside. Soon after we turn on the fan and start blowing air out of the house which will cause it to create negative pressure and start bringing in air from the outside through the various penetrations. Those are the penetrations that we want to fix and make sure that in the winter you are not seating your attic or the outside.

East Fishkill energy audit is the solution that you have been looking for in terms of reducing your energy bills and increasing your comfort of living permanently. He was a homeowner needs to decide if you are every active or a proactive person in the way you approach various issues inside your home. Most of the homes in the United States are under insulated and just about every one of those has potential to save thousands of dollars with the help of small investment. Don’t wait until the cold winter months to start thinking about your insulation levels and there any ways that you could fix those issues. So act now and do not procrastinate on an issue that can be solved today and savings that can kick in as soon as the job is complete, give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and let’s turn your home into a hybrid.

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