Energy Audit Dutchess

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Energy audit Dutchess is a perfect way to evaluate somebody’s home to see if they are any chances to cut down on energy bill. An energy audit is a evaluation of one’s home with a accurate readings and work plan to remediate issues. Dutchess County has many old homes, most of which do not have adequate insulation. Performing a home energy audit will help to determine long-term savings and comfort. Call American hybrid homes at (888) 280-7275 to schedule your own assessment.

American hybrid homes is not just a weatherization company, we are a green energy company that has happened to start out in weatherization services. We believe that the work that we do has incredible effect on the community and on the environment. For instance, if we do 1000 projects that would mean that we reduced our human carbon footprint by 300 homes! Having our services done on your home will do few things, save you money every month, increase your comfort of living, and reduce your carbon footprint. Everything that we do we keep our mission in mind, make homeowners happy and environment cleaner.

An energy audit Dutchess is a way for us to show you different areas of your home that might require work. When we are evaluating your home, we truly do want to find different ways that we can reduce your energy bill drastically. Our goal is to over deliver and wow our customers, and the only way to do that is truly show them that they will be saving money every single month. Energy audit is a good way for the homeowner to see the issues and choose to either fix them himself or higher our company to do it in the quick professional manner. Also we like to take that moment, and let that be the first interaction in the first perception of our company.

During the audit we use our equipment to measure the air circulation in your home. But before we do that we have a formula that lets us take into account the volume of the house and how many people live their to first determine the minimum air circulation needed. We place a fan into your front door and below air out of your house; this process is called the blower door test. When the house is depressurized we will be able to see the different areas where air leaks into your home and where you are wasting energy. During the test we will go to different rooms and specifically look at them to see which area of the home to focus on most.

Energy audit Dutchess is a great way to see how our company works, and how your home performs throughout the seasons. It’s a free service that we offer because we believe that every homeowner deserves to know whether they are wasting energy on not. Our energy auditors are certified professionals that have many hours of training and experience and are approved by BPI. Upon the completion of the audit we will never pressure you into any agreements nor will we ever ask you to sign any paper. So if you would like to find out different ways that you could save money on your energy bills at no cost give us a call at (888) 280-7275 or visit us at

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