Fix Ice Dam Issue Dutchess County

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Ice Damming|Dutchess County

Ice damming has always been a concern in Dutchess County region. There are many different contractors who will try to sell you quick solutions on how to remediate ice damming but there’s only one way to fix ice dam issue Dutchess County. In order to stop it from occurring we need to trace down the source of where the heat is leaking out of your house and melting the snow. There is only one way to fix ice damming, and to make sure that stops once and for all. Call American Hybrid Homes at (888) 280-7275 the schedule your free home energy audit during which we will be able to find the cause of your headache.

American Hybrid Homes was formed in order to redefine green energy. Our vision and belief is that being green is not just solar panels or geothermal systems but it is also preservation of the energy that you are already using everyday. We want to provide equal savings for the homeowner as those two the solar panels but at a fraction of the cost. Our services do not just reduce your energy bills; they also solve many other problems that you might have with your home. Some of these problems might include ice damming, drafty windows, drafty doors, drafty basements and also various rooms being colder than the others.

In order to fix ice dam issue Dutchess County we first performed a free home energy audit that will allow us to find the areas of the house they need to be stressed. We use our equipment to depressurize your house and find rooms where you might see the biggest air leakage. Once we collect those results we built a work scope that will map out the process needed to solve your ice dam issue as well as high-energy bills. Upon the completion of the audit you will have this information and if you are handy and are not afraid to get dirty you can fix it yourself. Those jobs are not difficult but it is not easy also.

Our typical procedure is to first performed audits and start at the rooms that were showing us the biggest results. We go up into your attic and lift up the insulation that’s all ready there in order to air seal the holes that were left behind by plumbers and electricians through which air leaks out. We repeat the process throughout the entire attic to make sure that your pressure boundary is restored. That alone will significantly reduce any chances of you getting ice dams. But along with that we add another 10 to 15 inches of loose fill cellulose to really beef up your thermal boundary and make sure that you are not heating your attic space.

In conclusion I would like to state that there is only one way to ultimately fix ice dam issue Dutchess County that homeowners have. Do not listen to other contractors that sell you products that can remediate these issues. Those are only reactive solutions to something that can be fixed at a lower cost and permanently resolved. Ice dams are a very expensive in terms of the distraction and repairs that they cost. If you are interested in once and for all resolving your ice dam issue and turning your home into a hybrid home please give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and we can help you move past this nuisance.

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