Foam Insulation

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Foam insulation for your attic.

Foam insulation for your attic.

Foam insulation is becoming one of the most popular ways of insulating your home especially on a new construction building. Contractors appreciate the cleanliness and the way that phone can get into any cracks or hard-to-reach places that fiberglass can’t do. There are many different ways that foam insulation can look, open so, closed cell, and sometimes people just use foam insulation to seal gaps. Though it is very popular in new construction it is not the best way that a homeowner can go about insulating an old home that was built in the early 1900s. If you are interested in this type of insulation give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and we will answer any questions that you have.

American Hybrid Homes specializes in this type of insulation as well, though it is not our preferred type of insulation because of its harmful environmental impact. Our favorite type of insulation material is cellulose due to the fact that it is made 80% out of recycled material and also that his fire resistant. Our big picture goal is to reduce people’s energy bills and also environmental impact that we leave behind. For that reason if we focus on anything different than cellulose we would be shifting away from our big picture. We want to redefine green energy and what it means to be energy-efficient.

Foam insulation though very popular and is also very harmful because of the chemicals that are used in order to have the adhesive and extending characteristics. We believe that green energy is not just about the creation of energy but also it is about the preservation of energy that we already use every single day. We focus on weatherization services where our main goal is to capture the air that you pay heat and cool we use our three-step process for when we set out to turn your ordinary home into an American Hybrid Home. We want to make sure that the homeowner is very clear on their expectations.

Part one of our system is to perform a free home energy audit when we put your house to the test and see if it is energy-efficient. During the testing we depressurized the house and watch to see where the air comes in. Next we go into your attic and fullback and installation that you are ready have so we could hear seal any penetrations or holes that you might have in your attic floor. Doing those two moves combined with additional layer of insulation that will bring your R-Value up to 60 your home is now efficient. What makes us different is that we come back after the project is done and do a test out audit.

Foam insulation is best used on a new construction but is not the best solution for an existing home. Doing those three steps in our weatherization services the homeowner understands what we do how we do it and how we are helping. Our goal is to leave the homeowner with at mind knowing that their money was well spend in that they will see the return on their investment. If you are building a home from scratch or you are putting up in addition I would suggest use spray foam insulation. But if you already own a home and would like to make it more efficient I would suggest you give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and we can help you.

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