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Dutchess County Energy Audits

If you have never gotten a home energy assessment performed to your house you do not have a clear picture of how everything works inside your home. There are many different things that are going on inside your home envelope. When our company performs the test we look for areas where you might have air leaks that cause you to lose money in the winter and the summer. Having this test done to your home will allow you to get a better sense of how you could fix the issues that are going on or choose the services provided by American Hybrid Homes. Give us a call at (888) 280-7275 to speak with our professional home energy audit experts and to schedule an appointment.

We believe that having one of these audits done to your home will serve you in many different ways. You will now have the opportunity to remediate the issue of high-energy bills on your own or you can go with a professional weatherization company such as American hybrid homes. Our goal is to perform enough weatherization projects in Dutchess County so that we are truly making an environmental impact. All of our professionals are certified by Building Performance Institute and have many hours of field training and experience. The audit itself takes about one hour.

During the home energy assessment our auditors go into your home and first speak with the homeowner to find out the issues that they already know that exist. After that they measure the volume of the house and use a formula provided by building performance Institute to measure the circulation the needs to be inside your home. That measurement will later be used to compare to the existing air circulation that you might have. Throughout the whole test we like to have the homeowner walk with us and see what is going on for them selves. It is amazing to watch some homeowners for the first time see these issues since they move into the home.

We use your front door to place a screen with a fan in the middle of it. After that we make sure that your home is in the wintertime mode. What that means is that all the interior doors are open and all the windows and exterior doors are locked and sealed. Once that is done we turn on the fan and blow air out of your home in order to deep pressure as it and create a vacuum inside the house. At that point the air from the outside will be able to leak into the house in a different areas where you might have gaps in holes and we will be able to feel those.

A home energy assessment is a great way for the homeowner to get the first-hand perspective of the ins and outs of their heating and cooling usage. We love to talk to the homeowners and educate them on different ways that those issues can be remediated. If they are interested in fixing it themselves we will help to educate them and give them all our support to make sure that they do it right themselves. But if they choose to go with our services we will make sure to get the job done in two days and turn your home into a hybrid home. If you are interested in a weatherization project please give us a call at (888) 280-7275 to schedule your free home energy audit.

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