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Dutchess County Energy Audits

Dutchess County, and Putnam County are suburban areas north of New York City and east of the Hudson River that were populated during the boom period. Home energy audits Dutchess County is a way for homeowners that have older homes and feel that they spend way too much money on their energy bills. Too many homeowners have an issue with how much they pay to heat and cool their home but not many take proactive measures to remediating those issues. The first step is always to get your free energy audit in order to create a game plan on how to fix issues in your home. If you would like to schedule one of these audits please give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

At American Hybrid Homes many times we joke around and say if you had a pickup that was built in 1965 would you be surprised that you’re paying so much money on gas? What that means to us is that people whose homes were built in the 60s 70s and 80s have very poor levels of insulation and that is the reason for their huge energy bills. So we believe that if enough people fix their issues with insulation we will be able to make a significant impact in order to reduce our environmental footprint. Our goal is to work on thousands of homes and reduce their energy bills by 30%. We believe that we will reach this goal and we believe that the impact will be significant.

The main idea behind home energy audit Dutchess County is to get a clear picture of how everything inside your home works or for that matter doesn’t work. Our certified professionals who have experience and knowledge taught by building performance Institute would do an energy audit. They will be able to compose a work plan, which will help us tackle the issues inside your home and get us on the way to savings and comfort. What we do has huge impact on not just your energy bill but also on the drafty windows, ice damming on gutters and spotty cold rooms. Our services is not a purchase but it’s a smart investment that will pay for itself back in only 4 to 5 years.

The way a home energy audit works is first by doing a walk-through your home making sure that all the windows inside your home are closed. We want to put the house in the wintertime condition that way we can see how it reacts during that season. Next we will visually inspect your furnace to make sure that it was built to code and that it has proper ventilation of the exhaust fumes. Next we will put a fan into your front door and perform what we call a blower door test. A blower door test the pressure is is your house and sucks the air in from unconditioned space through the cracks and the holes that were left by electricians and plumbers.

We will be able to create a sound approach to how it would be the best way to fix the issues inside your home such as ice damming, drafty windows, in some cases just uncomfortable. Home energy audit Dutchess County is the first step that you as a homeowner need to take in order to be proactive in changing your home for better. Our services will provide the same level of savings as do solar panels, but at a fraction of the cost. As said before choosing our services is a smart investment. If you would like to take real measures to reducing your energy bills and turning your home that’s the 1960 pickup truck into a 2015 hybrid car give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and let’s turn your home into a hybrid home.

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