Hopewell Junction Energy Audit

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Hopewell Junction Energy Audit

Hopewell Junction energy audit is a way for homeowner to settle his suspicions and once and for all determine if his home can be improved and made energy efficient. Most of the homeowners in Dutchess County and the rest of the United States do know that their home is under insulated and inefficient. The problem is that they are very few professionals out there who have the knowledge on how to turn an old home into an energy efficient hybrid home. That’s American Hybrid Homes we specialize in producing peoples energy bills, increasing their comfort of living, and lowering their carbon footprint. If you would be interested in having a free home energy audit performed at your house give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

American Hybrid Homes is on the mission to redefine green energy. We believe that with our knowledge and expertise we can help people to save on their energy bills at a small investment cost. Our goal is to work on enough homes where the carbon footprint reduction in the given community is significant. We use weatherization services as the means of achieving our goal. The fact of the matter is that most of the homes in the United States do need our services and would greatly benefit from additional insulation and air sealing.

Hopewell Junction energy audit is the way that we reach out to our customers in Dutchess County to raise awareness about the issue that I might have. The biggest problem in our industry is that homeowners might not even be aware that there is an issue present. The aim of the audit is to physically show the homeowner different areas of the house where energy is lost and heat are wasted. Upon the completion of the audit we will give the homeowner the proposal on how we would go about fixing the home and how much it would cost. The homeowner will have the opportunity to use the information and knowledge to do the work himself.

The first part of our project is always a free no hidden fees energy audit that will let us game plan for the project. Once the audit is done our employees will use the plan and in two days turn your home into an American hybrid home. The first day we focus on preparing your pressure boundary by air sealing all the holes, cracks and cavities that might be in your attic floor. The second day we focus on installing proper ventilation in placing 13 to 14 inches of loose fill cellulose over the top of the existing insulation. On a typical job we increase homeowners insulation by five times.

Hopewell Junction energy audits is the first step to making your home environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and less expensive to live in. Dutchess County has many old homes that were built in 1960s and 70s and were not well insulated. For that reason we guarantee that any project that we take on we will save the homeowner 20% or more on their heating in cooling bills. If such savings are not reached American Hybrid Homes will come back and reevaluate the project and see what else we could do to reach those savings for free. So if you are interested in improving your home energy efficiency and comfort of living at virtually no risk give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

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