Ice Dam Removal Dutchess County

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Ice Damming|Dutchess County

Cold and long winters have become a regular season characteristic in the Northeast. Ice dam removal Dutchess County is a program put on by American hybrid homes that helps homeowners to once and for all get rid of their issue of ice damming. For years people have only taken reactive measures to fight the issue and never really taking time to think of the root cause behind. If it is not addressed there are many negative things that could happen to your home that are very destructive energy of the day expensive to fix. We urge you to give us a call at (888) 280-7275 if you are a homeowner that is dealing with ice damming and are interested in fixing it once and for all.

Our services help the homeowner in many different ways when dealing with ice dam issue. Not only do we remediate ice dams but also we hope you stop draft in your Windows and also cut down your energy bills significantly. At American Hybrid Homes we believe in smart investments that will give you a big return down the road. For that reason we will not take on a project on which we don’t help homeowners save 20% on their energy bills or more. Ice dams are a huge tell sign for us that you are wasting a lot of energy through your attic floor.

Ice dam removal Dutchess County is a great way to save hundreds of dollars annually on your bills. The reason ice dams occur in the first place is because you have a significant amount of heat that leaks through your attic floors into your proof area. One that he starts to warm up your roof it will melt the snow that is in contact with it and will cause it to drip down to the eaves. Once the melted snow reaches the ease its freezes again and builds up over time. This action is very destructive because once the ice freezes inside your gutters it will expand and break them.

Our service goes after the cause of this issue in the first place. We understand that the reason you have a stance is because of the heat loss in your attic, and that’s what we go after. We pull back insulation that’s already in your attic and air seal all the holes, cracks, and penetrations there were caused by the plumbers and electricians. After the air sealing is repeated throughout the whole attic we add additional 10 to 15 inches of insulation over the top of the one that’s there already. At the end of the project you will be left with R-60 in your attic, which to most homeowners is triple, the insulation.

Ice dam removal of Dutchess County does not just solve the destructive force of ice refreezing at your ease but it also helps to save a lot of money on energy bills. The project itself only takes two days but the difference in the benefits start working immediately. As said before we would not take on a project in which we do not believe that we can show homeowners significant savings and big improvement to their home. If you are interested in a consultation or free home energy audit contact us at your best convenience. We can be reached at (888) 280-7275 if you are interested in scheduling the audit.

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