Ice Dams In Dutchess County

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Ice Damming|Dutchess County

Just about every person that lives in the northern part of United States knows what ice damming is and what destructive force that has. Ice dams in Dutchess County and also been an issue for many years. There are many different reactive solutions on how to fix as damning but not everybody is educated enough to know how to remediate them permanently. We specialize in finding the core issue of why the buildup of ice on your gutters happens in the first place. If you would like to learn more on ways to remediate ice damming permanently give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

American Hybrid Homes is set out to redefine the meaning of green energy. We are stubborn to believe that it should not only mean the creation of energy but it should also stand for the preservation of energy inside your home. Right now the most popular form of energy creation is solar panels which will give the homeowner annual savings of 20 to 30% on their electric bill. American Hybrid Homes believes that if we consider the homeowner the same amount of money but for a fraction of the cost we will be able to help out more people in a middle-class. If being green comes down to how much you reduce your environmental footprint than American Hybrid Homes is a green energy company.

Ice dams in Dutchess County occur due to the poor insulation people’s attics and virtually no air sealing on their attic floors. When you see your home during the winter the hot air rises due to it’s lower density. As it arises it will leak out through the outlets, light switches, recessed lights and any other penetrations than might have been in your attic from plumbers or electricians. Once all that hot air goes into your attic it starts warming your roof causing the snow buildup to melt. Once the melted snow drips down to the eves it every freezes and turns into icicles that build up over time formatting what we know as ice dam.

There are many different ways the contractor will try to take a reactive approach to solving ice-damming issue. Contractors have been known to install heat wire along your eves in order to melt the snow as it builds up over time. Other things like shoveling, chiseling, or putting sheet-metal over your roof edges are also other ways to take a reactive approach to ice dams. But none of those approaches get to the reason that Ice dams occur in the first place causing you the short auction of your roof and wasting of your money. American hybrid homes goes after the reason that ice buildup occurs and we fix it once and for all.

Ice dams in Dutchess County can be fixed by us in only two days after which you will see your energy bills go down and your ice buildup absent. We go into your attic and air seal the penetrations that were culprits of how the air that you pay to seats to winter months leaked out of the house. Once we finish it or ceiling your entire attic we make sure that you have adequate level of insulation. In most cases we triple the level of insulation that you have. So if you are interested in making a smart investment and taking a proactive solution to fixing ice dams give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and we can hope you get better.

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