Poughkeepsie Energy Audit

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Dutchess County Energy Audit

Poughkeepsie energy audit is the best way for a homeowner to find out if there is any way that their home can be made more efficient. Dutchess County was built in the early 1900s during that time period when insulation was not a big priority for contractors. There are homes out there that have very low levels of insulation, so may have 2 or 4 inches in the walls and attics. But what’s more concerning is that there are homes out there that have no insulation at all. Give us a call at (888) 280-7275 you are interested in a free energy audit that can settle your doubts.

American Hybrid Homes is set out to start a green energy revolution. We want to prove to people that green energy is not just the creation of energy but also the preservation of what we use every single day. If we can offer homeowners same savings as to those of solar panels for the fraction of the cost we believe that people will take advantage of that. The best way to show people any issues that might be inside their home is by performing an energy audit. This audit allows us to look under the “hood” of your home and evaluated on the whole house approach scale.

Poughkeepsie energy audit allows us to look at your old Dutchess County home and create a game plan for how we would go about fixing. Our auditors were certified by Building Performance Institute where they were evaluated in the their field and in the classroom. Our company wants to make sure that you have the best trained and most knowledge auditors working for you. Upon the completion of the audit you as a homeowner will have few choices on how to proceed. The main reason that we perform energy audits at no cost is so we can stress of the awareness to the homeowner who might not even thought that there was an issue at hand.

The way an energy audit works is by you sitting down with our auditor and letting them know the issues that you yourself might know about inside your home. The auditor will walk around your house taking pictures of soffit vents, exposed walls and ripped off siding that you might have outside your home. They will put your home in the wintertime mode by closing all the exterior windows and doors and latching them. We want to simulate what your house would look like during the coldest winter months when the heating bills are at their worst. Next will perform few visual tests where we will take a look at your duct system, your air handler and your furnace that might be an efficient and out of date.

To conclude kitschy energy audit the most important step is having a blower door test done on your home. That test will allow us to see which area of your home is causing you biggest discomfort in terms of fluctuating temperatures and in terms of money wasted out your ceiling. After the conclusion of the test we take a look into your attic and evaluate the existing levels of insulation that you might have or you might not have. Upon the completion of the audit the homeowner will have the choice to do the project on his own, hire different company, or choose us based on our experience and thoughtfulness towards the homeowner. We urge you to give us a call at (888) 280-7275 before the winter cold and expensive months come around.

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