Preventing Damage From Ice Dams

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Ice Damming|Dutchess County
Preventing damage from ice dams is sometimes misleading and misunderstood by many homeowners that have to deal with it every season. Before going into ways to prevent ice damming on your gutters you as a homeowner first need to understand what causes the ice damming in the first place. There are many ways that you can approach this problem but there is it only one way that you can fix it so it doesn’t occur again. Many contractors will sell you new Windows new gutters or even try to sell you a new roof just so you could produce an ice damning. If I were you I would call (888) 280-7275 American hybrid homes to speak to our professional home energy auditors who understand the science behind each home.

American hybrid homes is set out to redefine what it means to be green and what it means to have a green energy. Our goal is to educate people that green energy is not just the creation of energy in such ways as solar panels, geothermal systems, and wind power. We believe that preservation of energy that we use every single day inside our homes is far more important and is far more efficient than any mentioned before. For the fraction of the cost we can provide a homeowner with savings that are far better than those of salt house or geothermal systems at a reasonable price. So if we can cause the same environmental impact as to those of solar panels and geothermal systems we believe to consider weatherization projects as such green energy. We want to turn every home into a hybrid home.

Preventing damage from ice dams is not a difficult task if you know what caused it to begin with. It starts form when the hot air that leaks out your attic floor rises to the roof to heat it up and melt the snow, which would then drip down to the eaves. The bad gutters or poor installations do not cause it; your inadequate air sealing in the attic causes it. Many homes that have low level of insulation in the attic typically deal with ice damning issues. So homeowners who are already paying hundreds of dollars a month and seating now also have to spend money on preparing gutters every year.

The way that our company fixes this issue is by going after the source of ice damning. We pull back the insulation that you already have in your attic and air seal all the holes and penetrations caused by the plumbers and electricians won the home was built. Once we repeat the process that aquatic and restore the pressure boundary we then replaced insulation that you had. Over the top of that insulation we add a 10 to 15 inches of loose fill cellulose insulation. So at this point the homeowner will have the right level of insulation in his attic and also there will be no more air leakage that wastes money every month and causes ice dams on your eaves.

There are proactive and reactive solutions to ice dams. Preventing damage from ice dams is an easy fix for American hybrid homes because we understand the science of why they occurred in the first place. Going with our services not only fixes that I stamp issue but it also feeds your wallet. Typically homeowners will get their money back underinvestment anywhere between 4 to 6 years after which everything else is just profit. So if you are interested in not only fixing ice dams but also wonder how you could save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills call us at (888) 280-7275 and let’s turn your home into an American hybrid home.

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