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Most of the homeowners in United States pay little attention to the insulation that they might have inside their walls and attic. Professional insulation Dutchess County helps homeowners to see if they have the right levels that they should in their walls and attic. Most of the people don’t pay attention too much to the insulation because it’s hidden behind sheet rock and it’s tucked away in the attic. Our company uses advanced equipment in order to find out if they are anyways that your home can be improved. If you have the feeling that your home might not be insulated properly give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

At American Hybrid Homes we believe that we are making a significant impact on the communities where we work. Every home that we work on we reduce people’s energy waste by 20 to 30% which means that their environmental footprint is also reduced by 20 to 30% Period we take a scientific approach to examine your home and find different areas of concern. We perform a home energy audit in order to come up with the work plan and show the homeowner these issues. But not every home will benefit from our work, and we are transparent with the homeowners sometimes telling them that there is no project to be had.

Professional installation Duchess County is how we turn our goal of helping people reduce their carbon footprint, save money, increase the comfort of living into reality. Our services are weatherization services that we provide to the homeowners. We want to make sure that the air that you paid the heat in the winter and cool in the summer stays inside the home envelope and does not leak out uncontrollably. The insulation of choice that we use is loose fill cellulose recycled insulation. It has one of the best thermal resistance values and it is fire retardant along with many other benefits.

The way that we apply our insulation is by blowing it into the person’s attic with the help of the hopper that chops up the insulation in the first place and blows it and. Before we do that we first want to make sure that we repair your pressure boundary by air sealing all the cracks that were left there by the electricians and plumbers. Doing that will make sure that there is no air that leaks into your attic and we make sure that you are not heating your attic in the winter. If such measures are not taking you will have many issues, such as drafty windows, ice dams, and cold rooms inside your home. Once the air sealing process is done we place 10 to 15 inches of loose fill cellulose insulation in order to beef up your thermal boundary.

If you are interested in turning your home into a hybrid home the first measure that you should take is to consider a weatherization project. Professional installation Dutchess County is what we do for living and what our expertise are. We will make sure that our clients are educated in the process and understand the improvements that we are making. We will never pressure or upset our clients anything that they don’t need for anything that will help them save money in the long run. If you are interested in saving hundreds of dollars annually and want to take a serious measure to make your home more comfortable give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and we can help you.

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