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Putnam, located north of NYC.

Putnam, located north of NYC.

Putnam is located in the upstate New York only about an hour and half away from New York City. People have been moving into this county because of its beautiful landscapes and quiet living that is offered when living in the suburbs. People have been developing many new condominiums and homes just to keep up with the number of people that are trying to relocate here. Our company offers weatherization services for new construction and also we are very popular with older homes lacked insulation. If you are moving into a new home or you bought a house they need some work done please give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

American Hybrid Homes has this in vicious goal of reinventing and redefining what it means to go green and have an energy efficient home. We focus on the fact that we can save a homeowner 20% or more understanding bills just by making sure that their home is properly insulated and is not leaking air. Some homes that were built before 1980 have up to 5 inches of insulation in their attic, which by today’s standards is 25% of what it should be. We focus on making sure that the home is at least up to code but in most cases we make it far better than it used to. Being environmentally friendly is not just about creation of energy but it is also about reducing how much energy we use every single day.

Putnam is a great place for a company to do business for the fact that people are aware of the issues that a home can have in their very receptive to our work. We specialize in weatherization services, which means that we focus on keeping the air that you paid to heat, inside your home. It three stage process for when we do work on your home. We always begin the project by testing your home to see where the issues might be and how to structure our project in order to make sure that we are not omitting anything that might be contributing to your high energy bills. The second part of the project, we pullback insulation that your behalf in air seal all the cracks and penetrations than might be neurotic to make sure that you’re not eating your attic space.

The third part of the project is to make sure that you have adequate insulation which will need that we will add blown in cellulose in order to bring you up to R-50 and are 60 insulation level. Once that is done we will proceed to our test that stage of the project where we run our test again and compare the numbers to the results we got into initial testing. Our reasoning for doing that is to give you peace at mind that we have actually made a significant difference on your home and that you can expect savings immediately. There are many other benefits to our services. Homeowners will see their ice damning issues decrease and also they will notice that the home is more comfortable to live in.

Putnam has been one of our most favorite places to do work over the past year. We can appreciate the awareness that the homeowners project. It is amazing to here the testimonials from our past clients who can vouch for the results that we have delivered. Our services are not only beneficial in the winter but they also help in keeping your energy costs down in the summer. If you would like to find out how weatherization services benefits you in the summer give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

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