Reduce Energy Bills

This content was written for American Hybrid Homes

Homeowners all over the country feel that they spend too much money on heating and cooling their home. In today’s age when gas prices fluctuate uncontrollably along with oil prices homeowners believe that they pay too much money to heat and cool their house. Many want to reduce energy bills and put some action money into their pockets every month. But when it seems that solar panels for geothermal systems are the only option, which many people cannot afford. I encourage you to call us at (888) 280-7275 or visit us on the web at to find out how you can save thousands of dollars yourself.

For that reason our company was formed, to provide people with great savings at a low and affordable costs. Our mission, our why is to redefine the term green energy. We believe that to be green means not only the creation of energy like solar panel and geothermal systems, but also the preservation of the energy that we use every single day. Let’s focus on what you already have and use every day and make it better more efficient and hybrid. Our goal is to turn every home into a hybrid home that is more comfortable to live in and is far more affordable than before.

The way that we help homeowners to reduce energy bills is through our weatherization program. Weatherization program is a way to free evaluate your home and fix it so that the energy that you pay for in terms of heating in the winter cooling in the summer stays inside your home. We do not want to see air seeping out of your house uncontrollably through the top plates and whole penetrations in your attic floor. The service is quick and the savings start upon our completion of the project. The project itself takes only 2 to 3 days but the savings last permanently.

Our approach is first to evaluate your home by performing free home energy assessments. Our certified experts will take an hour of your time to educate you on the different issues that your home might have, and help you to create a plan on how to fix it. After the test is complete use a homeowner will have a choice between doing the project your self or having American Hybrid Homes perform the services in a professional and strategic manner. They will go into your attic and pullback insulation that you have in order to air seal those holes and cracks that your attic floor inevitably has. Once that part is done we will triple your installation by placing 15 inches of loose filled cellulose over the top of the existing insulation.

Our employees are trained to have one goal in mind and that is to over deliver and wow the customer. We focus on going beyond our promises and through the expectations that are set upon us by the homeowner. Our goal is to reduce energy bills for the homeowner so much that he or she will be happy and overjoyed so they tell their neighbors and friends and family. So call our number (888) 280-7275 to schedule your free home energy audit and let that be the first step to savings. Let’s work together to make a difference in the community, your neighborhood, let’s turn your home into a Hybrid

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