Wappingers Energy Audit

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Wappingers Energy Audit
Wappingers energy audits is the most preferred way for homeowners to determine if there are any way that their home can be improved. And what we mean by improved is made more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Most of the homes in Dutchess County are very under insulated and are wasting hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling every single month. There are many different projects that a homeowner can choose if interested in being proactive about energy consumption. If you would love to hear about different projects give us a call at (888) 280-7275 and we would love to tell you about different options.

Because our mission is a company is to redefine green energy we first focus on making the homeowner aware that the issue is present. We believe that green energy is more than just creation of energy, but it is also the preservation of energy that you use every single month to heat and cool your home. Our means of doing this work are very different from many other companies out there that do insulation or construction. Every day we keep our mission in mind and for that reason were able to be flexible with the homeowners. We note that in tough times not everybody can afford one time payment for the project so we allow him or her to break them up.

Our means of reducing energy consumption starts with Wappingers energy audit. An energy audit is the first interaction between our company and the customer. It allows the customer to see how diligent compassionate and caring our employees are and that we are willing to work homeowners on any friends. An energy audit is designed to raise the awareness to the homeowner about the issues that might be inside their home that they never knew about. Because there is transparent people are not able to see when it leaves or comes into rooms.

An energy audit starts with an exterior examination of your home to see if they are any structural issues or breaks in your home envelope. We want to see if you are missing shingles, if they are clogged soffit vents, and also we want to see that your gutters are working properly and are structurally sound. Upon the exterior examination we moved to our home visual inspection where we walk around your home to see if there are any water damage places and also any holes in the interior pressure boundary of your home. We examine your furnace and water heater to see if they are both inefficient and vented properly to the outset. After that we will perform our blower door test to get a complete diagnostic of your home and a work scope at hand.

Wappingers energy audits is crucial in determining what it would take to reduce your home’s energy consumption and add money to your wallets every month. After the audit we will be able to put together a complete work scope of how we would go about fixing your home, which you will keep no matter what. Even if you decide not to go ahead with our services you will now have the information needed on how to fix the issues inside your home. The reason we do that is because of our why, we want to make sure that homeowners go green and help is redefined green energy even if it takes their own efforts. If you are buying into our mission please give us a call (888) 280-7275 and we will be happy to schedule an energy audit at your house.

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