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westchester county energy audits.

westchester county energy audits.

Westchester County is located just outside of New York City and is home to many celebrities and people of high stature. Historically known for its beautiful architecture and big farmland this county has grown to one of the most desired places to live in and the entire country. But as with any old architecture many of these homes do not have adequate levels of insulation. Many times will come across a project where some of the walls have zero insulation whatsoever. If you would like to find out more about this area or about some of the homes that we have done give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

American Hybrid Homes goal is to redefine the meaning of green energy. We believe that we can help homeowners reduce their energy bills significantly just by fixing the issues that they might have with their home. Many times were able to save them 20% or more on their heating and cooling bills. We focus on making sure that the air that you pay to heat and cool stays inside your home and does not leak out uncontrollably. Green energy is mostly associated with solar and wind energy that is created, but we are destined to change that with the help of our weatherization services.

Westchester projects always start out the same way as any other project that we do on a residential property. We first performed our complimentary home energy audit where the homeowner just a chance to see how their homes performs under heating conditions. We are able to locate areas where our work should be focused and also we are now able to build a work scope. Once the work scope is complete our laborers will be able to approach your home in such a way that makes sense and so that you see the greatest savings. Once the project is complete we perform the test again to prove to you that we have made a significant difference that your home is ready to face any weather.

During the energy audit we use our equipment to depressurize your house and cause air from the outside to come in through various holes that we will later air seal. We will be able to walk around the house and feel the air coming out of light switches and electrical outlets. During our project we use the report to air seal that outlets, switches, light fixtures, recessed lights, and the top plates of your walls. What we basically do is put a lid on your living space to make sure that when the warm air rises it doesn’t leave into your attic. This service has a big impact on not just your energy bills but on your comfort of living also.

Westchester is one of our favorite counties to work in due to the fact that almost every home is different and present a new challenge every project. Our services are very beneficial in many areas of your home. For example stopping the air leaking into the attic helps you to reduce any signs of ice damming, and drafts that you might have throughout your house. Many homeowners have already committed themselves to reducing their energy bills for the upcoming winter and increasing the comfort of living for as long as I live inside their home. If you are a homeowner that is proactive about making a difference and living in an efficient home give us a call at (888) 280-7275.

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